FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Live Caricature



Q:  Why do my guests have to wait in line, can’t you use a list instead?

A:  First and foremost it is your event and if you prefer to use a sign-up sheet, you can.  If you use a sign-up sheet I recommend you have a volunteer assisting the artist to help with the  process.  If not artists spend a lot of time notifying and waiting for people on the list, which translates to drawing less. 


One of the most important reasons why a line is the most effective path for guests is because they watch the artist draw.  Even though they are “waiting” most people are entertained by seeing a blank sheet of paper turn into a sketch of the people in front of them.   We also make allowances for VIPs, the elderly, or others who may have difficulty waiting in line.



Q:  How does your Happiness Guarantee work?

A:  Live caricatures create a camaraderie for people who know each other, and even more so for strangers.  Because of this people enjoy themselves more and stay longer at your event.  If this doesn’t happen and we are not the hit of your reception I will refund all of your money. 


The refund will be in the form you paid.  For example if you paid with a credit card I will refund your purchase.  If it was cash, I will return your cash, etc.


Q:  I ordered a package, how long will it take to receive my Cartoon Portrait?

A:  You will receive a sketch of your image about 7 days after I receive your photos.  After you approve the sketch you will receive the finished proof in 7 days.


Q:  What happens if the artist gets sick or gets hit by a bus before my wedding day? 

A:  If there is an emergency and your artist cannot draw at your wedding I will find a replacement artist. I will send you photos of the artist’s work so you can see and approve of the replacement. If I cannot find another artist or if you do not approve of the candidates I will give you a refund.